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Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun
I have so many dear friends here, but I'm afraid of losing them all. Hopefully, I'll be able to find a way to keep in touch even after I go home!
Hoshi-kun is my best friend here on Koriko! He is very sweet and a really great cook. I wish I could do more to help with his anxiety, but it seems like a big problem for him.
Oni-san is very strange, but he also seems very sweet! I actually really like spending time with him. I hope that we can become better friends!
Kuro-san is really cool! I don't know what happened to him to make him have an arm like that, but he's so calm and strong and smart! I hope I get to know him better.
He sounds just like Nozaki-kun! And he's got the same sort of aesthetic to him too! I don't know how to handle myself when I'm around him. It doesn't help that we met under the mistletoe...

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Nov. 28th, 2014 10:55 pm
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Chiyo Sakura
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Name: Frika
Contact: [ profile] freakanature06
Are you over 17?: I'm 26, so yes.
Characters in Forest Covered: Shoukichi Naruko ([personal profile] naniwaspeedstar) and Syaoran Li ([personal profile] clowbrat)


Name/Work Name: Chiyo Sakura/Shiro
Canon: Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun
Canon Point: After the last episode, after the festival.
Age: 16
History: Chiyo on the wiki
Personality: Chiyo actually has a very straightforward and easy to understand personality. She is very high energy and super optimistic, almost to a fault. She is almost constantly smiling and trying to play peacekeeper for the people around her. Unfortunately for her, she is also a hopeless romantic, doomed to forever be in love with a man who is completely oblivious to her feelings. But she doesn't let that dissuade her, choosing to see the bright side - that she still gets to spend time with him, a lot more than any other girl in her class.

On the other side of the coin, Chiyo can be very blunt with people who aren't her target of affection. She is a very smart young girl, and her inner monologue often critiques people for acting like idiots, even though she herself becomes incomprehensibly dumb whenever faced with her love interest. She has a wild imagination, influenced largely by shoujo manga which she loves to read, and often judges social situations wrongly because of that.

Chiyo is the sort of person who can make friends with everyone. She's very personable and adaptable and can handle pretty much any personality type, as evidenced by her very awful best friend. This could also be because she has a tendency to be rather naive about a lot of people's more awful traits.

Overall, though, Chiyo is just a very energetic and happy young lady who will go out of her way and bend over backwards to try desperately to get what she wants.
Debt: She just wants to make sure that she'll get to spend more and more time with Nozaki-kun through the rest of her high school.
Suitability: Chiyo is a hard worker, so she will go all out trying to pay back her debt, especially since it's for Nozaki-kun!

Inventory: She would just have her school uniform on, and probably her backpack with some art tools in it. That's really all she carries on her at any point.

Abilities, Strengths, and Weaknesses: Chiyo is actually a very accomplished artist. She is very good at painting and drawing, in a very classical way. She is also a smart girl, though definitely not at the top of her class. She is optimistic, which helps her out of a lot of bad situations. At the same time, it is very easy for her to be deceived or led astray or convinced of something that is just not true. Her imagination is a little too wild and leans too heavily toward the romantic side of the spectrum. Romance is also a very huge weakness for Chiyo, seeing as she just can't seem to get a handle on it...


Characterization Sample:
[It had not been a very good day for Shiro. She had managed to fall into a creek while trying to gather some herbs and now is soaking wet as she tries to wind her way through the corridors to find her room again. She doesn't even care that she's dripping everywhere and shivering and... oh... she didn't realize she was shivering...

Her expression takes on a much gloomier hue as she wraps her arms around herself and starts shuddering harder. When did it even get so cold in here? Come on, Shiro, you can make it, you just have to find some dry clothes! You can do it!

Filled with her self-ingrained confidence, she strides more purposefully around a corner, only to collide head-first with someone rounding the corner at the same time. Being such a small girl, Shiro is immediately knocked to the floor with a loud gasp, and then stares up at the person she bumped into with wide and apologetic eyes.]

A-aaaah! I'm so, so, so sorry! I wasn't w-watching where I was g-g-going and ... a....aCHOO!

[Her apology is interrupted by an unexpected sneeze. Oh god, is she... getting sick from that water she fell in???]


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Chiyo Sakura

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